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School of Ideas in Neuroscience 2024

Kategoria: Aktualności Sekretariatu ds. studenckich, Aktualności Wydziału, Konferencje i spotkania naukowe

Join the School of Ideas in Neuroscience Seminar, an open satellite event of the School of Ideas in Neuroscience 2024.

Lecturers have been invited to share their ideas with a broad audience – you will have the opportunity to learn about the newest developments and theoretical frameworks in different fields of neuroscience – from evolutionary neurobiology through computational models to philosophical considerations about the scientific revolutions.

Event Details
Date: 12th of July 2024.
Time: 10 am to 2 pm (~30 min. lectures + Q&As + short breaks).
Venue: Faculty of Physics UW (Ludwika Pasteura 5, Warsaw), lecture hall 0.06.
Admission: Free with no registration.

Speakers, in order of appearances:

  • Gaspar Jekely – professor at the Centre for Organismal Studies (COS), University of Heidelberg. In his research, he reconstructs and studies whole-body neural circuits in marine invertebrate larvae to understand the control of movements and the evolution of nervous systems.
  • Danielle Williams – Postdoctoral Fellow in Modeling Interdisciplinary Inquiry at Washington University in St. Louis. Researcher of philosophy of science, theories of physical computation and cognitive science (especially neuroscience and AI). She does her postdoc interdisciplinary, with mentorship from Dynamic Cognition Laboratory. Dynamic Cognition Lab works in two main areas: how we perceive and represent temporal structure in everyday activity and how we process spatial relationships between the body and external objects.
  • John Bickle – professor at Mississippi State University, Department of Philosophy and Religion. Researcher of philosophy of neuroscience, scope of scientific reductionism and cellular and molecular mechanisms of cognition and consciousness.
  • Barbara Finlay – professor at the Department of Psychology, Cornell University. She takes an evolutionary and developmental approach to the structure and function of the vertebrate nervous system, particularly the visual system and the cerebral cortex.
  • Hiba Sheheitli – professor at the University of Minnesota, holds a PhD in Theoretical & Applied Mechanics from Cornell University. Her current research aims to interrogate nonlinear neural dynamics in the context of brain disorders, specifically in Parkinson’s Disease and Treatment-Resistant Depression.

Abstracts coming soon on event’s Facebook page!