[Seminarium RNDP] Communicated Narrative Sense-Making, Adversity and Resilience in Families

Zapraszamy na kolejne Seminarium Psychologiczne Rady Naukowej Dyscypliny Psychologia, które odbędzie się online 22 lutego o godz. 14:00. Wystąpienie o tytule „Communicated Narrative Sense-Making, Adversity and Resilience in Families” wygłosi dr Haley Kranstuber Horstman (University of Missouri & Polish Institute of Advanced Studies). 

Link do spotkania: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87153346384

Wstęp wolny.


Streszczenie wystąpienia:

Humans „story” their lives to make meaning, (re-)create identities, connect with others, and cope with adversity. Yet individuals do not just create their stories; they tell them to others. The content and process of human storytelling is consequential to storytellers’ mental, physical, and relational well-being. Using communicated narrative sense-making theory (CNSM), scholars analyze the content, process, and well-being outcomes of constructing and telling stories in interpersonal and family relationships. In this talk, Dr. Haley Horstman will discuss her research on family member CNSM of adverse experiences. She will detail her qualitative and quantitative data-based research in issues of women’s health (e.g., miscarriage, pregnancy during COVID-19 pandemic) as well as the plans for her work in Polish family storytelling, occurring in collaboration with several colleagues at the University of Warsaw.

Data publikacji: 14 lutego 2022