Job offer: research adjunct with RQA experience (Horizon 2020 project „TRAINCREASE”)

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Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw

invites applications for the competition for a

research adjunct with RQA experience

(research position)

in the Horizon 2020 project “TRAINCREASE – From Social Interaction to Abstract Concepts and Words: Towards Human-centered Technology Development”

at the Cognitive Psychology and Neurocognitive Sciences Department at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw


The candidate responsibilities will include:

  • selecting and processing video materials for demonstrative purposes (motion tracking technics, human coordination);
  • developing scripts and instruction for auto motion tracking software (OpenPose, DeepLabCut, MediaPipe);
  • providing training material on Recurrence Quantification Analysis (RQA);
  • developing and conducting a workshop on the RQA and other methods for dynamic system analysis;
  • assistance regarding conducted workshop(s) and Project Partners’ meetings;
  • evaluation of the workshop process;
  • providing required documentation on the actions taken regarding the Project;
  • tutoring and supervision over international ESR research groups (Microtwinnings).

The candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  • D. degree in Engineering, Mathematics, Psychology, Philosophy or related science field;
  • requirements for  the  candidate  for  the  position  of  an  academic teacher, in particular the requirements referred to in Article113 of the Act of 20 July 2018 – Law  on  Higher  Education  and  Science;
  • documented scientific experience in modeling cognitive processes and statistics;
  • in-depth knowledge of Recurrence Quantification Analysis and dynamical processes modeling and analysis;
  • experience with processing tracking movements video data;
  • experience in the didactics of modeling cognitive processes;
  • proficiency in Python and R;
  • documented research experience;
  • very good language skills in English;
  • fluency in Polish.

Candidate should be:

  • aptitude for learning new methods and upgrading their qualifications,
  • independent and proactive worker,
  • meticulous and methodical,
  • keen on research and analysis.


The Offer:

  • half time employment based on the employment contract between 1.04.2022 and 30.09.2022;
  • employment with renowned research facility;
  • chance at career and personal development aided by the interdisciplinary environment and extended cooperation with international partners;
  • opportunity to collaborate with other international research centers.


Candidates are asked to provide the documents by 16th March 2022, 5:00 PM, by sending them to the Project Management Team at the following address: All documents should be in the .pdf format and contain the name of the candidate and the position they are applying for. Applications sent after this deadline or incomplete will not be taken into consideration.

E-mail subject (required) „Adiunkt naukowy RQA Horizon 2020 Twinning”.


Required documentation:

(1) CV,

(2) signed GDPR/RODO consent statement, (Download)

(3) copy/scan of the doctoral diploma,

(4) list of publications and a statement on research experience and achievements,

(5) documentation confirming knowledge and experience with the RQA,

(6) documentation confirming experience with automatic movement tracking software (OpenPose, DeepLabCut, MediaPipe),

(7) documentation on teaching experience,

(8) declaration confirming that they read and approve the principles of contests for positions of academic teachers (


The employer reserves the right to only contact selected candidates and to cancel the position’s application process without providing further justification. Chosen candidates will be invited to an interview (online or in person) held on 17th or 18th March. The contest will be adjudicated no later than Friday 25th March 2022. Candidates for the position will be informed of the results via an email notification.

This contest is the first stage of the procedure of recruitment for positions of the academic teacher set out  in the  Statute of the University of Warsaw,  and its positive results provide a basis for further activities.

This position is founded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952324.



Data publikacji: 10 lutego 2022