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Psychotherapy in English free of charge organized by Department of Psychology

Psychotherapy in English free of charge organized by Department of Psychology

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Psychotherapy in english
There are three available places for persons seeking psychotherapy conducted in English. The therapy will take place starting in November 2022 and ending in June 2023, on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays. 
The therapy sessions are free of charge.
The therapy is conducted by psychotherapists: Dr Iwona Czuma (cognitive-behavioural therapy), Ms Aleksandra Defranc (cognitive-behavioural therapy) and Mr. Szymon Szumiał (psychodynamic therapy) with the presence/assistance of students who are enrolled in the last (5th) year of studies in the ‘Psychotherapy’ specialization at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw.
Those who are interested in participating in the psychotherapy are welcome to make an appointment by contacting the therapists directly by email:
Szymon Szumiał:

Phone number: 608 777 841

Dr Iwona Czuma

Phone number: 603 887 568 (If you do not reach her, please send a plain text message or an email stating why you are contacting her.)

Aleksandra Defranc

Please specify in the title of the message that you are interested in the free-of-charge sessions.


Because of the confidentiality rule, all Warsaw International Studies in Psychology (WISP) students and those who know WISP students from the fifth year of the Psychotherapy specialization cannot be accepted in the programme.

Due to the unique nature of the sessions, the psychotherapist instructors will screen the possible participants and reserve the right to select candidates. A candidate is usually someone with an anxiety disorder, depression, burn-out or another similar diagnosis who will avail of the short-term programme.