Warsaw International Studies in Psychology WISP

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The Warsaw International Studies in Psychology offers a high quality 5-year Master program that prepares you for a career in psychotherapy, neuropsychology, business or science.

What distinguishes us from other programs is our small scale in combination with our international allure. Our studies are not just in English, but are truly international: with over twenty five different nationalities, about half of the students studying with us come from abroad. In addition, our teaching staff consists for one third of visiting professors whom we invite from Universities in the UK, Canada, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, etc.

We value a personal and individual approach to education, which is reflected in the small sizes of our classes. Typically our classes consist of only between 20 and 25 students, which makes individual interaction between students and teachers possible. As a result, our instructors generally know their students by first name. In addition, with our personal approach we encourage the exploration of and learning from cul­tural differences; something we see as essential in modern day education, especially in a field such as psychology.

If you join our program you can expect to become absorbed in an international, di­verse and intellectually engaging academic environment in one of central Europe’s largest and most intriguing cities.

Tuition fee for Polish students is 3600 EUR per year.

Director of the Program is dr Wouter de Raad.