Zaproszenie na wydarzenie Instytutu Studiów Społecznych im. Zajonca


Szanowni Państwo, przekazujemy zaproszenie na wydarzenie ISS:


Interdisciplinary Seminar of the Robert Zajonc Institute for Social Studies (ISS)


We cordially invite you to our zoom seminar meeting on June 2nd, 12 PM Warsaw Time. Prof. Ivan Kalmar, University of Toronto, will talk about „Racism Against and By Eastern Europeans”. Prof. Monika Bobako, Adam Mickiewicz University, will be a guest discussant.

Please join us on Zoom.

Passcode: 082223


Should you need any further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with dr Anna Wnuk at


Racism Against and By Eastern Europeans
Racism appears in different forms and at different historical conjunctures, justifying inequalities of economic and political power. Prof. Kalmar’s presentation focuses on the development of racism against Eastern Europeans, which in his book ˆWhite But Not Quite: Central Europe’s Illiberal Revolt” (2022) he terms “Eastern Europeanism.” To Kalmar, illiberalism is everywhere a misdirected revolt against the globalized version of neoliberal capitalism. In the East of Europe, it has been fueled also by Western prejudice and discrimination. Prof. Kalmar will present some of the main findings of his book, including its relevance to the current war in Ukraine.

Data publikacji: 19 maja 2023