Seminarium Human Interactivity and Language Lab – gość prof. Shane Steinert-Threlkeld

We are glad to invite you for the next HILL seminar on Friday, 19 June at 17:00 (mind the non-standard hour!). This week we are honored to host an international guest – Shane Steinert-Threlkeld, an Assistant Professor in Linguistics at the University of Washington. Shane will present his paper Towards the Emergence of Non-trivial Compositionality, in which he introduces the distinction between trivial and non-trivial compositionality, illustrates it with several signaling games and identifies conditions necessary for non-trivial compositionality to emerge.

We will then discuss how Shane’s account can inform computational models of symbolic communication, why should non-trivial compositionality be the explanatory target and what are the ways leading to it. We might also touch on Shane’s newest work in the area, On the Spontaneous Emergence of Discrete and Compositional Signals.

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Data publikacji: 15 czerwca 2020