How to achieve high quality learning outcomes
and high levels of student satisfaction in higher education



Principles of effective teaching change over time. In recent years, many new technologies for teaching have become available. Students’ expectations of their studies and the ways in which they engage with information are changing. Also expectations of future employers about the knowledge and skills university graduates should possess are evolving.

These developments require us to reflect on and advance our teaching methods.

Therefore the Faculty of Psychology UW is organizing a symposium on Principles of Effective Teaching for all employees of the University of Warsaw, on Friday June 7 2019, in the Aula im. prof. Jana Baszkiewicza of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies (the Main Campus).

The main question of the symposium is which principles, methods and techniques university teachers can use to achieve high quality learning outcomes and high levels of student satisfaction.

Using an applied and practical perspective, a number of invited international experts will present and demonstrate evidence-based principles of course design, teaching and learning.




Beth Morling
PhD, Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Delaware, US

Professor Morling focuses on both teaching in higher education and cultural psychology research. She has authored publications on teaching as well as a handbook on research methods in Psychology. She coordinates teacher trainings at the University of Delaware, speaks regularly at meetings of professional associations for teaching in higher education. She has been decorated as a lecturer, being designated the Delaware State Professor of the Year 2014.


Melissa Beers
PhD, Program Director at The Ohio State University, US

Professor Beers’ research focuses on  effective teaching practices. She fulfills a leading role in the American Psychological Association on topics related to teaching Psychology.  She is active as a trainer of teachers and a regular speaker at professional meetings organized  on teaching in higher education. She has received multiple teaching awards.


Floris van Blankenstein
PhD, educational expert at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands

Dr. van Blankenstein conducts research and publishes on student learning, in particular activational learning – he completed his PhD on the effects of Problem Based Learning on student knowledge acquisition. He is a professional trainer on topics related to assessment methods.



7th June 2019

the Aula im. prof. Jana Baszkiewicza of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies (the Main Campus)

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Data publikacji: 08 maja 2019