EGATIN Study Days – Warsaw 2019

Zapraszamy do udziału w konferencji EGATIN Study Days pt. „Between Mission and Profession – do we know what values we convey in Group Analytic Trainings?”, która odbędzie się w dniach 26-28 kwietnia w Bibliotece Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego w Warszawie. Organizatorami wydarzenia są Instytut Analizy Grupowej „Rasztów”, European Group Analytic Training Institutions Network (EGATIN) oraz Wydział Psychologii UW.

Zniżka na opłaty obowiązuje do 15 marca 2019 r.


Opis konferencji:

Between Mission and Profession
Do we know what values we convey in Group Analytic Trainings?

Group Analytic Trainings have regulations, procedures and ethical codes all aimed at helping trainees to acquire skills and build an identity as group analysts. When discussing training rules and standards we often focus on making the setting of the training as clear and understandable as possible. When discussing ethical issues we focus on boundaries in the relation between analyst and patient and try to clarify what is expected, proper, acceptable and what is doubtful, undesirable or unacceptable.
We see a need for discussing the values we convey to our trainees, and invite you to reflect together on the following questions:
– What values do we convey in group analytic training?
– To what extent are we aware of the role training plays in shaping the professional values of trainees?
– How much are these values linked to a profession or to the mission?
– How do we define profession and mission?
– How are these values conveyed and how are they understood by the trainees?
– Have the values changed over time?
We hope that joint reflection about the values we convey to current and future generations will contribute to strengthening our identity as group analysts.

Jerzy Pawlik (IGA Warsaw)
Kathrin Albert (IGA Berlin)
John Schlapobersky (IGA London)
Presentations by Trainees


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Data publikacji: 22 lutego 2019